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Thank you LP!
  Almebeast, Feb 04 2012

Thanks to the invaluable language help offered by LP I was called to the interview for the PhD position I was applying for (see last blog entry). So I nailed the interview the day before yesterday and got the good news yesterday, I got it! Gonna be doing scientific computing in relativistic quantum mechanics applicable to materials science for the next 4-5 years =). I'm super happy right now, this is perfect for me.

Take care LP!

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English help
  Almebeast, Jan 20 2012

I know this might not be the perfect place to ask about spelling/grammar and stuff but Im gonna give it a shot anyway =)

Im writing a scientific report which Im going to attach in an application for a PhD position, so I want it to be as good as possible. My supervisor has read what I've written so far and given me suggestions as to what to change. Most of her suggestions are actually about pure language stuff and not about the content. The thing is, her english isnt the best and Im not too sure about some of her "corrections". Below are some of the things Im not sure about. If you could tell me which line is correct (or if neither is correct, how it should be written), I would appreciate it alot.

My version: The solution at grid point (x_i, y_i) is denoted v_ij
Her version: The solution at a grid point (x_i, y_i) is denoted by v_ij

My version: Waves are reflected off the boundary.
Her version: Waves are reflected of the boundary.

My version: The SBP-SAT method makes it possible to derive [... alot of math stuff...], and thus prove stability.
Her version: The SBP-SAT method makes it possible to derive [... alot of math stuff...], and thus to prove stability.

Take care and GL at the tables.

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HM and SvS
  Almebeast, Sep 17 2011

Been running horrible on prima lately, time to try svenska spel. Im having trouble getting HM to work though. I've added the Svenska spel folder to the auto import folders in HM, but HM still doesnt find anything to import. Could the "ö" in my screen name possibly be a problem? Would be really nice if a fellow swede (or anyone else who knows this stuff) could help me out here.

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